I am a London based trader focusing mainly on currencies.  I try to look at the bigger picture and generally trade weekly strategies.

I follow Currencies, Commodities (Oil, Gold, Corn), and US & European Equity Indices, 10 year Bonds and Bunds. I spend a lot of time backtesting in Excel.

This is a heptagram of currency crosses that I generally post about on the blog:

Heptagram 9

I think a stoic perspective is useful in making trading and investment decisions.

(…with apologies to 50 Pips for using his blog design.  I highly recommend his blog at – I am not associated with him.)

  1. Dear Stoic,
    I was googling something about Forex and came across your blog. There I saw heptagram of currency crosses. I became very excited about it because I have a similar idea in my head. I would ask you if you can tell me more about this heptagram, how You made it , why currency pairs placed just like this on the scheme , and what exactly the logic behind the scheme, as it helps in trading… I am for the exchange of ideas and if you are interested in something, and I can help (books, indicator, current trading ideas … or whatever you want) I will be delighted that I can share with you.
    In advance I like to thank you for the information, and extremely glad that I met someone who has similar ideas as me.
    Thank You

    • Mario, I decided that I was following too many pairs. It was difficult to keep track of all of them, and easy to miss signals. I also noticed that I would take trades on many pairs which would all be successful or all fail. I was trying to find a way to reduce the number of pairs that I followed to reduce overlap and allow me to focus. For liquidity and spread cost I decided to follow some of the majors and crosses – I spend most of my time in the UK and USA so GBP and USD were core currencies. I diagrammed the connections between about 15 pairs and reduced it to 8 main pairs. That’s how the heptagram came about.

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