Charts, 2012 – Week 13

In Charts on March 25, 2012 at 4:36 pm

A collection of weekly charts that I am looking at in advance of the 13th week of 2012.

1. GBPUSD – quiet week

2. EURUSD (weekly) – crunch time

EURUSD (daily)



Two more charts under the fold including Gold (XAUUSD) and GBPAUD

5. Gold XAUUSD


– – –

A word about the charts: On Sundays I tend to look at weekly OHLC bar charts and watch for three things: classic chart patterns, support/resistance, and channels.  If nothing jumps out at me, I look at weekly candle charts, bollinger bands (2 std dev), moving averages and crossovers.  Some weekly charts I post will be OHLC and others will be candle/bollinger or MAs, whichever seems most relevant to me. I don’t necessarily trade based on weeklies, but the help me understand context.  I am always amazed how insignificant 300 pip moves look on a weekly chart.

Peter Brandt on weekly patterns:   “Chart patterns in the 12 to 16 week zone are quite reliable, while patterns of lesser duration tend to fail much more frequently.”

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